Collector-AirplanesOur Collections

Dick Hartley realized this had to be much more than a store, so he started adding collections to enhance the customer’s experience. You will see these collections displayed thoughout the store when you visit us. Dick’s First collection was the White River Arrowhead Collections. He then added over 100 signed WW II Aviation Prints, a Baseball Wall of Fame and G Scale Trains that includes one that runs overhead. Other collections include old time Cap Guns that were Dick’s as a child, Green Handled Kitchen Utensil and Native American Indian Items.

Authentic White River Arrowhead Collection

Carl Taylor operated a barbershop just up the street from Dick’s. Taylor had collected arrowheads from the White River basin from the 1920s through 1960. This collection includes only a small percent of the artifacts Taylor uncovered in the area.

World War II Aviation Prints

Dick’s 5 & 10 features over 100 aviation prints, primarily from WWII, which are autographed by the pilots and crew associated with the aircraft. Various prints with autographs include the Black Sheep Squadron, the Flying Tigers, the Memphis Belle, the Enola Gay and many more. Dick’s has one of the best private collections of autographed aviation prints in the country. This collection is ever expanding as several new prints are added each year.

Baseball Wall of Fame (Second only to Cooperstown!)

Baseball enthusiasts young and old will be amazed at our Hall of Fame collection of autographed portraits second only to Cooperstown. Within this collection you will find Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb and many more. Additional baseball pictures include the starting lineup for the Big Red Machine of the mid 1970’s and Dizzy Dean and the Gas House Gang from the 1930’s. Other autographed sports memorabilia includes Michael Jordan and the other starters from the Chicago Bulls championship teams, Muhammad Ali, Jack Dempsey and many more.

Dicks-5-10-train-collection-iconCollector Trains

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Other Collections

In addition, other collection include old-time Cap Guns, 1900-1940 Washing Machines, Green Handled Kitchen Utensil and Native American artifacts. Dick’s also features a working Wurlitzer jukebox and antiques of many varieties.

Dick was very proud of the collections on display in his store and he believed that they were a very important part of the Dick’s 5&10 experience. We continue to add to our collections to honor Dick’s belief in their importance.

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